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Eight weeks and counting...

So the Hostel build is coming on... Suzy is busy tiling the bathrooms, Ralph is on bunks, Dave is plastering the hallway, Don and Martin are plumbing (I'm not sure what but I’m guessing it’s important), Simon is on second fix leccy, I’m STILL painting (thanks to Tash, Jack and Nicole for helping) and Colin is doing a fine job project managing and well... doing everything else!

Oh and Chris is having a well deserved break sunning himself in Lanzarote (but we’re not at all jealous).

Lastly Joel is back fishing with Neil on the Tegan Mor II (not so jealous!).

With 8 weeks to go there is still plenty to do but the excitement is growing to see it all finished and to welcome our first guests from London Gig Club. Just a note to Café customers, see our revised opening date. Thank you for your patience. Amy, Colin & Suzy

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